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So where would we be without reliable power to complete such an ambitious journey?  Part of our decision to buy this boat was the fact that it had recently been repowered with two new 2016 Suzuki 90 outboards.  


Suzuki is a motor company --- not a boat company and they have been building on that knowledge for years.  No other outboard company can draw on Suzuki's technology and experience when it comes to lightweight 4-stroke engines

That experience is backed by a commitment to 4-stroke technology they never waivered on., even while other companies experimented with 2-stroke technology to meet clean air standards.  Suzuki stuck with their vision to provide the best, reliable, powerful 4-stroke engines for today's boat.

When we were making our plans to complete this trip, we sent a letter to the Suzuki/Marketing Department letting them know our plans and shared details of the route.  We invited them to watch our blog and enjoy the success of their little twin 90's.  To our surprise, Suzuki American  sent us branded items to give away along the journey and maintenance kits to keep our Suzuki 90's running like new.  


So as we continue down the waterways we will share pictures of recipients receiving the good will and generosity of Suzuki.  Thank you for being a partner with us, Suzuki!

Something Extra Special


Sample of Suzuki items

Two beautiful black beauties on Braveheart!

Two black beauties.  Tomorrow they will be serviced to comply with factory warranty requirements.

Never knew what it looked like inside the lower unit, but here is a photo as they get ready to reinstall.

First Recipient of Suzuki Gifts

Bob (on the left) is our first  lucky recipient of a quality Suzuki hat.  Bob recently repowered his boat with a new 200 hp outboard and  is very pleased with the upgrade.

Hauled out and ready for all the required maintenance.

His Suzuki hat, AGLCA jacket and bag pipes.

A winning trifecta.

A visit to the Calvert Maritime Museum illustrated just how advanced our Suzuki engines are.


They were some strange looking contraptions.

Crysler Park in Ontario. 

Suzuki engines serviced by Toy Storage, a local dealer.

One of the most memorable stops and most helpful staff.

Taking time to change oil and filters for routine maintenance. 

L&S Service in Lake Pickwick was quick to come out and complete service we needed. Great company!

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