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The RF-246 is designed and constructed for ultimate usability and versatility. The stable, seaworthy, Downeast style hull provides safety, comfort, and economical ease of operation. The accommodation areas provide spacious cruising and/or living aboard options. The helm and control center provides generous space for navigation and electronics, with maximum all around visibility through large windows. Traditional pilot doors offer access to the foredeck, ventilation and make for easy docking.

      The main cabin is surrounded by tempered safety glass windows offering excellent visibility in all directions. For those who need a little more space, the main cabin has 6’5” head room The galley is complete, including a two burner stove, sink, hot/cold water, and a fridge.

Construction methods and materials used in the RF-246 ensure minimum maintenance as well as maximum longevity and durability. All integrate framing and bulkheads are molded fiberglass using only the best materials. All fastening and assembly is completed with high grade stainless steel and quality marine adhesives. Interior finish is keeping with the no maintenance construction and the beige finish is warmly accented by teak moldings and trim providing a pleasant and bright atmosphere. Wide walk around decks and roofs with non-skid surfaces, provide safe, enjoyable boating whether you’re 30 miles at sea, gunk holing the coast or cruising the canals and lakes. Rosborough Boats USA and our competent staff of quality craftsmen take pride in providing each of our RF-246 owners a quality craft that will prove to be an investment in boating enjoyment.  (Read more from their link provided and request a brochure.)

There are as many opinions about the perfect boat as there are choices.  But, there are some guidelines that must be obeyed when planning for the Great Loop.


A.  There is a fixed bridge in Chicago that will not allow any boat taller than 19 feet, so if you have a fixed height more than this, you will be turning around.  In fact, have heard another looper comment that if your boat is too tall you will be doing the Great U-Turn. 

B. The deeper the draft of your boat, the more restrictions you will encounter on the route.  A boat with 4.5'-5.0' should be your maximum depth.  With our motors tipped up a bit we draw 18" which allows us to get into some pretty skinny water for exploring.  The fewer restrictions you have, the more opportunities are opened to you.

C.  There is a section on the Tennessee River route that requires a minimum fuel range of 250 miles. 

D.  Finally, if you plan to cruise the Canadian  Canals and your beam is greater than 22' you will have a problem through the locks.

And just some notes to talk about when determining what makes you happy on your boat.  These are the "personal" issues you must address.

  • The boat you select to make the Great Loop must be comfortable for you and your crew. 

  • If you can't handle the boat comfortably and safely you might want to make another selection.  

  • If sleeping accommodations do not meet the standards of the crew, you're all going to be uncomfortable.

  • Most of your traveling day will be spent at the helm.  Make sure you're comfortable there, too.

  • Our boat is very simple with few "extras" to go wrong.  We have a solid built boat with all the basics and although she is small in size, this is OK with us.  Lot's of folks wouldn't make this their boat of choice, but WE LOVE IT!

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