St. Patrick showed up to march with Tom on March 17th.

Tom entertained the marina at LaBelle, FL.

One of Tom's ardent admirers adding his touch to the music.

This is the perfect tee shirt for Tom.  We laugh everytime we look at it.

Tom playing at Marineland. One of the other guests actually hung off the bowsprit to get a photo.

Amazing Grace never sounded so good.

Tom played his pipes on the dock at Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville, just before the sun went down.

The sun was just getting ready to set and Tom played his pipes for the six other boats on our dock at Brunswick Landing.  Everyone came out with their cocktails and cameras.  He even got some kisses from the other ladies.  His bagpipes have become a real "chick magnet".

Tom played his bagpipes at the Two Way Fish Camp.  Michael, the gentleman on the boat next to us, has been living on his sailboat for 38 years and immediately jumped out to get photos of the event.  His son lives in Sydney Australia and he will be sending the pics to him.

The little boy in the photo, Alton, was up on the restaurant deck and hear the music.  He came down to watch Tom play and also asked for a tour of Braveheart.  

Such nice people.

It looked like the Pied Piper in Georgetown when Tom started playing his pipes.  Even some of the local girls started dancing a Scottish jig to the music.

Jeanne, a Myrtle Beach D.J. in a local bar invited Tom to play at the pub on Wednesday night. Unfortunately we will be gone.

Tom played his pipes at sundown in the Havre de Grace Marina.  Even the kayaks showed up to enjoy the music.

Great Kills Yacht Club in Staten Island NY

God Bless America -

4th of July dockside.

Tom played his pipes high atop the boulders at Henry's Fish Camp . . .

. . . .  and these kids couldn't resist running over to see where the music was coming from.

An ardent admirer at the Wrights Marina in Ontario.  She was visibly moved with"Amazing Grace"

Schuylerville Marina . . . 

St. Joseph Michigan

. . . and Tom's fan club.

Burlington, Vt.

Playing a gig to a full house of Loopers.  What great fun!

Green Turtle Bay TN

Pentwater Michigan

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