Special photo events

Sometimes there's a unique photo that just doesn't fit in on any other page, so we decided to add a special place to view them.  

There was a fishery across the canal in New Smyrna and at least 50 pelicans flew in to fight over the scraps.

Eau Gallie has a very active competition rowing team and they were out early in all types of weather.

William Wallace aboard his wind surfer to remind us of the red and green marker locations

Relaxing in the neighborhood swing along the river frontl at Two Way Fish Camp

You never know what boat will show up around the bend.

Guess who we saw running down the Savannah River.  The photo is beautiful but doesn't do justice to how pretty the paddle wheel actually was.  Fresh paint, flags flying, vivid colors, chugging down the River. Really a sign to see!

Rental bikes along the waterfront in Beaufort, N.C.  Aren't these cute?

I have been a Catholic all my life but I have never seen a crucifix with a modern day Jesus.  He looked like he was floating up off the cross at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church..

Our friends, Rudy and Jill  met us for lunch and then visited their boat they built from scratch.  Great boat ... super nice people.

Turkey Lake Lighthouse at the very north end of the Chesapeake Bay.

A beaver dam with his own satellite TV dish.  He must be watching reruns of "Leave it to Beaver".

These shutters were found on the outside of a retail shop in South Haven MI.  I think they added so much interest to the outside of the building. Cute idea

Martin Marietta aggregate mine on the Tennessee River.

Braveheart arriving the marina from Lake Michigan

At the end of October we started to see our first change of seasons.

Captain Tom is doing great at Hoppies.

The Village of Killarney was originally founded in 1820 as a fur trading post and has evolved through the years to become one of Northeastern Ontario’s most popular tourist destinations.

The marina is close by and the water is so clear you can actually see the rocks in 25' of water

Catch of the day in Hastings MI.

Kingston Ontarior

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