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Let me introduce ourselves and share our preliminary plans for participating in the navigation of the Great Loop.  We are Tom and Jody Goldman from Terra Ceia, FL (just a little south of Tampa Bay) and we are both in our 70's.   We are so fortunate to enjoy good health but with each passing birthday we  realize there may not be many more opportunities for us to embark on such an epic adventure of traveling 6000+ miles in our own boat.  We are both actively employed but are taking a year off to complete our trip.  For the past year we have been preparing for the Loop by updating our charts, researching articles on provisioning the galley, making an inventory of spare parts we might need, performing equipment upgrades and researching educational articles.  As weather windows improve we will be implementing our start date.  Come along with us!

As of this writing, we have two generous sponsors who have contributed to make this journey possible:  Rosborough Boats and Suzuki Marine.  Thank you both for your support!

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About Us

Be sure to follow us on the Great Loop trip.  Blogs are posted on a regular basis and you can track our progress. Be sure to JOIN in order to receive the latest shoutouts.

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